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May-August 2022| Vol 5| Issue 2


Recurrent pleural effusions: A vexing problem

Pleural effusions are a common cause for pulmonary consultations across the world. They can be broadly classified into transudates and exudates. I belong to an era where all pleural effusions are co...

Original Article

Prevalence of coexistent allergic rhinitis in schoolchildren with bronchial asthma and its association with asthma control

Introduction: Bronchial asthma (BA) is a common chronic respiratory disease in children with a wide variation in global prevalence due to differences in environmental and genetic factors as w...

Original Article

Assessment of pleural effusion quantity, assistance for quality, and management by clinical examination, sonography, and laboratory parameters in a super specialty hospital

Introduction: This study is the easiest and fastest; patient and observer comfort level increase with the convenience of evaluation of pleural effusion (PE) qualification, and assessment of q...

Original Article

A study on common aeroallergens in a coastal city of south india by skin prick test

Introduction: Airborne allergens are the major cause of allergic respiratory diseases worldwide, they are present all around, suspended in the air we breathe, spanning different regions, invi...

Review Article

Review article on indwelling pleural catheter

Lymphomas, malignancies of the lung, breast, and ovaries, most frequently give rise to malignant pleural effusions (MPE). The prognosis is often bad when an MPE is present. Malignant cells found in ...

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